Digital Marketing


With each brand we deal with, we develop a unique influencer marketing strategy that uses content producers and macro-influencers to boost your brand's visibility. The entire process is handled by us, including sourcing, contract negotiations, briefings, reporting, billing, and packaging. In order to avoid discrimination and deliver the most powerful influencers for your company, we use a human-led influencer marketing method.

At Shiny Proxima, we are very data-driven and committed to boosting your return on ad spend. When appropriate, we use discount code tracking and UTM parameters to track everything accurately, and we create comprehensive reports that make it easy for you to comprehend the outcomes we've achieved. The practice of advertising goods and services via online channels like social media, search engine optimization, email, and mobile apps is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is any marketing strategy that uses electronic gadgets.

Both types are crucial for a comprehensive digital marketing plan; it can be done both online and offline. Interested in learning more about digital marketing? Everything you require to become familiar with digital marketing will be covered in this guide.


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