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With the hiring of fresh, bright individuals, Shiny Proxima has continued to expand, develop, and grow its workforce. If you have work experience and a strong desire to complete your tasks well, don't put it off "until later"—contact us immediately to begin collaborating with experts in your industry.

Choose the position in the relevant part that interests you, then send your CV with a thorough explanation of your work history, mentioning technologies and projects.


Internship and Practice

All of the regional universities work together with Shiny Proxima, and we provide students who specialise in programming the opportunity to complete their undergraduate or industrial internship with us. Additionally, we provide an opportunity for outstanding students, recent graduates, and junior developers to do an internship with us and go on to work with Shiny Proxima. Write to our HR managers at with the topic "Practice" or "Trainee" if you'd like to apply for an internship or internship with us.


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